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Being a Doorkeeper boils down to one thing; being a better man. As author Sonny Guess sat down to write The Doorkeeper, his sole purpose was to impart God’s Word into the hearts of men everywhere to bring transformation to every area of their lives, most importantly within the family. Too many men have fallen prey to living broken lives, shackled to the chains of their past. As a result, these pitfalls become a barrier to men fulfilling their most important role as the Christian leader of the home. The Doorkeeper addresses this challenge head on with God’s own words and how they changed Sonny’s life. They can do the same thing for you . 

"It has been my joy as a Pastor to be involved with Men’s Ministry and our own annual Men’s Conference for many years. We’ve been fortunate to have some very gifted speakers, pastors, evangelists, college professors, and laymen. However, I’ve never heard a more spiritually empowered or pertinent message than the one Sonny shares on the importance of men being the Doorkeeper of their homes. I highly recommend this man and his ministry!"

— Pastor Mike Fortenberry, East Baptist Church, Paris, Texas

"Every man should read this book. Every day in my practice as a licensed Professional Counselor, I see families that are hurting and are in total disarray. The Doorkeeper not only identifies how to have Christ-centered homes, it opens a pathway of forgivness and restoration. Here’s hope- it’s never too late!"

— Linda Harris, RN, MA, M Ed., LPC and author of Nobody Understands My Pain

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As men, we are all faced with countless challenges each day. The enemy uses those struggles, piling them up into a mountain too high for us to climb. The mission of The Doorkeeper is to help us overcome those challenges through the power of God’s Word and become the men He created us to be. Using key Biblical teachings, the Doorkeeper gives men the tools they need to become strong Christian leaders and role models to the world around them.

It doesn’t stop there. The Doorkeeper is seeing life changing growth in men of all ages and stages of their walk with Christ. Its’ message is transforming the lives of men and their families by helping brothers in Christ experience God’s grace, presence and purpose as the Doorkeepers of their homes.

As individuals, in men’s groups or with your entire church family, we would love for you to be a part of this exciting, life altering journey

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For every generous $10 donation you will receive one copy of 'The Doorkeeper' by Sonny Guess.

Shipping is $5 for the first 3 books and an additional $1 for every book after.


We also want to give you the opportunity to give a separate donation to the Doorkeeper Ministries. This donation will help us supply books, free of charge, to prisons and several father-based ministries and churches. The book would encourage men and their organizations to become the doorkeeper of their homes. Thank you for this blessing!

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